Birthday Wishes Messages

birthday wishes messages

All new and unique Birthday Wishes Messages you will get on this website. Come and see best birthday wishes messages collection. Let’s see our funny birthday wishes message.

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Birthday Wishes Messages For Friends


“You are the best and you deserve the best because of your loyalty. I am so happy that I have an honest friend like you. Happy birthday to the honest man. Always be happy and keep smiling.”


“Today will be a mysterious day for you and I am planning to make your birthday interesting. Ha Ha Ha. Wait and watch. Wish you a terrible birthday my dear friend.”


“You are not only my friend but also my sister. I am so lucky that I got a good friend like you. Happy Birthday my dear sister and best friend.”


“Happy birthday my dear best friend. I am lucky because I got a best friend like you. May your birthday dream come true.”


“Who told you that you are my friend! You are my brother. Happy Birthday, Brother. May you live long. I wish you a long life and good health.”


Birthday Wishes Messages For Girlfriend


“Do you know why I love you? Because you love me. Do you know what birthday gift I will give you today? My heart. Happy birthday my love.”


“You are not only my girlfriend but also my life partner. I was and I will be with you to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday my life partner.”


“There is no one like you in my life and I need you every day, every moment. I love you so much, baby.  Happy birthday my dear cutest girlfriend.”


Birthday Wishes Messages For Boyfriend


“You are the only one, who cares about me. And I am the only one, who wants to celebrate your birthday every year and till death. Happy birthday my dear handsome boyfriend”


“This is your first birthday after our relationship start. So today I wanna give you a memorable birthday gift. Do you know what it is? For the first time, I want to kiss you. Happy birthday my dear, Ummah.”


Funny Birthday Wishes Messages


“Thanks to my reminder who has given me a notification that today is your birthday. Wish you an excellent birthday.”


“I know today is your birthday but do you know that today is my birthday also? Maybe you forgot my birthday date. That’s why I will not wish you Happy Birthday. OH No! I did it! I said Happy Birthday to you!”


“You are gorgeous, you are hot, you are beautiful but you are getting old my dear. Have a nice age increase day baby.”


“OMG! I have remember your birth date for the first time! Have a nice Birthday.”


18th Birthday Wishes Messages


“OMG! You are now 18! Congratulation.”


“Hello, birthday boy. You are now 18! Let’s do the 18th birthday party.”


“Hello, birthday girl. Let’s celebrate your 18th birthday.”


“Happy 18th birthday my dear cute friend. Now you are perfect to be my girlfriend. Will you be my life partner? Actually, I waited a lot for this day. I Love YOU. Will you give me a chance to make your life romantic?”


“Today is your 18th birthday. Am I right? So, you need to do something crazy today. Prove yourself that you are really 18. Have a happy 18th birthday.”


Belated Birthday Wishes Messages


“Again I forgot your birthday and I am really sorry for this. Happy belated birthday but will you give me a chance to celebrate your birthday today?”


“I am really sorry. I forgot your birthday but I think I am not so late. Happy Birthday, have a nice year. In the next year, I will wish you at first.”


Inspirational Birthday Wishes Messages


“Never stop dreaming because this is the only thing which can make your lifestyle better than before. Wish you a very happy birthday.”


“Try to do hard work. Then success will come to you. Don’t waste your time, start today. Happy birthday. God bless you.”


“Just think that you are newborn today. Start everything from the beginning. Obviously, you will get success one day. Happy birthday and wish you all the best for your bright future.”


“Never think that you are getting old. You have a lot of experience and still, you have the ability to do better. Use your experiences to reach your goal. Happy Birthday.”


Birthday Wishes Messages For Boss


“I know you are angry but I also know that you are merciful. I respect you so much and I also respect all of your decision. Happy birhtday dear boss.”


“Your mind is your best weapon and you are the best boss in the world. Have a nice birthday, Sir.”



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