Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female

funny birthday wishes for best friend female

Do you need Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female? Then Click this post and enter in the article. Here you will get a funny happy birthday wishes for female friends. Let’s check our female friend funny birthday wishes collection.

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female


“I am sending you this happy birthday message because I don’t wanna join your birthday party because I don’t wanna give you a birthday gift because I don’t have money. Happy a Happy Birthday beautiful.”


“Don’t worry. You are still looking beautiful. Still now boys like you. Your real age is hidden for your makeup. Happy Birthday, Makeup Girl.”


“You are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you are cute, but boys dislike the old woman. Have a happy age increase day my dear friend.”


“You are getting older but still, you look younger with makeup. Happy Birthday, Makeup Girl.”


“My dear beautiful friend, a miracle happened today. I remember your birthday and sending you this birthday wish message. Happy Birthday My Dear Best Friend.”


“I know you dislike your birthday because you are getting older and your face is losing cuteness. But I like your birthday because you are losing boys attraction. Happy Birthday dear Old woman.”


“It’s your Birthday or Bad Luck Day! There are a lot of people in the world who born today and became famous but you are not one of them my dear loser friend.”


“Happy birthday my friend. Today I am announcing a birthday party for you but you will pay the party bill, ok?”


“My dear cute lady best friend. I know today is your birthday and that’s why I am coming to your home, not for giving you the birthday gift. I am coming to enjoy your birthday party and some other friends are with me. By the way, I will wish you a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ after the party. Ok?”


“I wanna wish wish wish you Happy Birthday. But I don’t wanna give give give you the Birthday Gift! HaHaHa… Happy Birthday My Cute Friend.”


“Oh My God! You are getting older but till now you are so young. But, not more than me my oldest best friend. May you live long until toothless. Happy Birthday My Dear Friend.”


“I wanna say you something, this is the best time maybe. Don’t worry, I will not propose to you. I just wanna say to you Happy Birthday.”


“My friend, I wanna meet with you because I wanna give you something. Don’t worry, this time I will not do any fun, I just wanna give you a kiss as a birthday gift. Will you take it?”



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