Happy Birthday Wishes

happy birthday wishes

Here on this website, you will get Happy Birthday Wishes of all. If you need the best quality birthday wishes then we will suggest you visit this website. Let’s see the birthday wish collection.

Happy Birthday Wishes



“I want to see you as bright as like a birthday candlelight. I am praying for your bright future. Happy Birthday, have a nice day.”


“You are bright like the candle of birthday. You are soft as like your birthday cake. I wanna give you a special gift. Will you like to take my heart forever? I am ready to give you. Happy birthday my love.”


“I want to win your heart with my love. I want to be your dream partner. Happy birthday my dear.”


“I’m sitting alone for you. Can you meet me a little? There is a surprise for you.”


“I don’t know how I forgot your birthday. I am really sorry. Belated happy birthday. I promise I will never forget your birthday again.”


“You have some quality which makes you the best. Today is your birthday and a special day for me. Happy Birthday. Have Fun Every Day.”


“Happy Birthday. I wanted to tell you something. Today is a beautiful day. I do not want to waste time anymore. I love you. I want you for a lifetime.”


“Today is a special day. The day of your arrival in the world. Happy birthday. Have a nice day every day.”


Happy Birthday Wishes For A Friend


“You are the one who always there for me to support and help. Wish you all the best and praying for your long life. Have a nice birthday.”


“Only the Happy Birthday wish is not enough for you. You deserve more than this. Wait for your birthday surprise. I hope you will like it.”


Happy Birthday Wishes For Wife


“Any special day today? I know today is your birthday and I am coming home with a beautiful birthday cake for my beautiful wife. Happy birthday, darling.”


“Whom I wanted as my wife, I got her. I have never forget my wife’s birthday. Happy birthday my dear wife. You are the only queen in my life. I love you a lot.”


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